About Us

Diverse & Talented Workforce

The driving force behind the Greater Akron/Canton region’s economic competitiveness is talented people who help businesses grow and succeed through hard work, innovation and skill. With this educated and skilled workforce, the area provides an ideal location for companies looking for exceptional talent to expand their market competitiveness and reach.

Top Sectors Employees
Healthcare 77K
Manufacturing 70K
Construction 24K
Automotive &
Finance & Professional Services 90K
Science & Technology 39K
Wholesale & Retail 80K

World-Class Education System

The Greater Akron/Canton region’s 20 universities and colleges produce a robust, prepared and globally competitive workforce. From high-achieving college graduates to skilled trade professionals, the Ohio workforce offers both a quality and quantity of workers who are bolstered by a strong work ethic.

Flexible Business Incentive Program

To encourage your business’ growth, the Greater Akron/Canton region has access to numerous federal, state and local incentive programs. Various assistance programs for a diverse range of industries include loans, private and public funding, tax incentives and technical incentives. The area’s Foreign-Trade Zone program also provides incentives by removing certain costs and barriers to maximize your return on investment in Ohio. Some of the 30 countries that are home to 248 companies enjoying the business-friendly climate in the Greater Akron/Canton region include:

Top Countries Companies
Germany 37
Canada 34
Japan 33
France 25
UK 22
Netherlands 14
Sweden 11
Mexico 10
Switzerland 8
Israel 7
Italy 6
China 5
Finland 5
Ireland 5
South Korea 5
Australia 4
Austria 4
Brazil 3

Transportation & Logistics

Businesses and the world demand higher speed and logistics efficiency and the Greater Akron/Canton region delivers through numerous transportation routes, services and flexible options.

Through an internationally recognized infrastructure, products, materials and data are easily moved across the globe, lowering your costs. The Akron-Canton Airport is served by numerous U.S. air carriers proving to be a valuable commercial transportation hub. With tremendous ease and access, it is one of the nation’s fastest growing airports. In addition, a designated foreign trade zone near the airport makes the region a cost-effective location for international companies expanding into the North American market.

The Greater Akron/Canton region’s central location between New York City and Chicago puts it within a 500-mile radius of 42 major U.S. cities that account for 57% of America’s population and 55% of all U.S. manufacturing plants.